CBD Skunk Haze Dried Flower


Quantity : 6g : 7g
Hybrid CBD: 12%-14% THC: 6%-8%
CBD Skunk Haze, crosses the classic Haze strain with a hybrid of Skunk and an unknown high-CBD plant to create
an original cultivar with a 1:2 THC to CBD ratio. CBD Skunk Haze was produced by Mediwanna in Ontario to meet
the demand for high-CBD (more than 4% CBD by weight) products sought-after by medical cannabis consumers.

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Typically, the sativa-dominant CBD Skunk Haze produces medium-to-large, airy flowers. The leaves are a kaleidoscope of pale olive and dark seaweed green, with each contour covered in a thick sheaf of pearly white trichomes, intertwined with brick orange hairs.

CBD Skunk Haze features pinene, caryophyllene and myrcene as its dominant terpenes, the aromatic oils that provide the unique smells and tastes in cannabis. They are also thought to interact with cannabinoids (THC and CBD) as part of the experience. Pinene, the most common terpene on earth,
presents notes of pine and mint, and has been known to provide a boost of creative energy. Caryophyllene is one of the most dominant terpenes in black pepper and adds aromas of spice and sweet earth to this strain. It has also been known to reduce stress in some users. Myrcene, considered by some to offer a feeling of calm and relaxation, also provides flavours of floral musk, dried fruits and lemongrass.


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