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How To Maximize Your Vaping Experience

Vaporizers are essential components to a healthy long-term relationship with cannabis. They deliver a cost-effective dose of medicine at a much lower risk of respiratory damage than traditional smoking methods, which rely on the complete combustion of plant matter. Vaporizers offer users the opportunity to be very economical with their cannabis, and they also present some unique difficulties in the smoking – vaping – process. Here are a few pointers on how to maximize your satisfaction with your vaporizer through a few simple technique and practices.


First and foremost, do not throw out the vaped remnants

Weed is never trash! Already-been-vaped weed, sometimes referred to as ABV, has been put through a process called decarboxylation.

Decarboxylation is a process, usually achieved through heating the plant matter at a low temperature, which activates more THC and psychoactive compounds within the cannabis. Think of a sauna. Edible creators know how to bake their ground plant matter at a low temperature before making oils or tinctures because this process helps to open up the product’s cannabinoid profile. And that is exactly what is happening inside of a vaporizer – heating the matter at a low temperature.

While many of the cannabinoids have already left the building via the vapor, there is still a shockingly large amount of edible-ready plant matter left, which you can – and should – be using.

Find a pill container, small jar, or even a bag to deposit your cooled ABV bud to use later in edible products

You will thank yourself. You can smoke it, also, but I’d caution against it. Too ashy-tasting.

Feel free to look up edible recipes on our site for a little motivation… you little Ratatouille, you.

How To Maximize Your Vaping Experience | California Weed Blog

Secondly, use the sip method

A clearer and stronger stream of vapor is achieved through a method called the sip method, which indicates a gradual repetition of light “sips” from the vaporizer in comparison to an overwhelming sucking in of air from the mouthpiece. I learned this through the literature that accompanied my first magic flight box. See page fifteen for reference.

The airflow caused by your inhalation causes the plant matter to cool; too much sucky-sucky, and the temperature will be too low to produce more vapor. Here, the sip method advocates light draws from the vape taken repetitiously between small pauses, receiving the vapor that has stored up in the chamber without interrupting the temperature of vaporization inside of the chamber.

This method is proven to accumulate much more vapor over a shorter time frame, especially if you finely grind your plant matter.

How To Maximize Your Vaping Experience | California Weed Blog

Thirdly, keep it cleaned and charged

This one is a lay-up. If you want your vaporizer to be it’s most effective, you will need to invest a moderate amount of energy into taking it apart and cleaning it of resin and pieces of plant matter. Let this be a larger metaphor for life; a little TLC goes a long way. Or not

Also, your vaporizer’s battery does not perform the same way at 20% as it does at 80%. If you are having trouble maintaining your desired temperature, make sure you are giving it the best chance. If you consistently have it charged and still cannot maintain your desired heat, you may have a parts issue. Wear and tear will be minimized over time by – you guessed it – keeping your parts clean.

How To Maximize Your Vaping Experience | California Weed Blog

Vaporization is one of the most health-conscious and cost-effective ways to consume cannabis, and the majority of vaporizer users could benefit from implementing any of these methods in their daily practices. Cook your ABV, practice the sip method, and clean your parts. You will be glad you did. May the force be with you all.

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